Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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Collection #1 AUTOMATIC Feminised Seeds

Each pack contains:2x Auto Biodiesel Mass,2x Auto Skunk 47,2x Auto Jack Herer..

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60 Day Lemon Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds - 6 Out Of Stock

60 Day Lemon Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds - 6

With mouthwatering flavor and a super fast flowering time this strain is good for everyone, from the..

55.00€ Ex Tax: 45.45€

60 Day Wonder Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds - 6 Out Of Stock

60 Day Wonder Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds - 6

Our commercial growers have kept asking us to produce a feminized cannabis strain that will yield an..

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710 Cheese Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Cheese is a legendary Strain which originated in the UK. Its unique smell and flavour makes its gene..

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710 Diesel Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Auto 710 Diesel is a hybrid that has a very intense flavour and effect, with an aroma that has hints..

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Ace Autoflowering Feminised Seeds - 3

This strain is the purest form of sativa auto on the market, it was made for those who really enjoy ..

27.00€ Ex Tax: 22.31€

Afghan Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Positronic Seeds Afghan Express has origins rooted in the middle east giving this plant big size and..

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Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds

Afghan Kush from World of Seeds comes from Kush strains with 100% Indica genes cultivated in a small..

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Afghani #1 AUTO Feminised Seeds

The number one choice among Indica lovers looking for autoflowering plants with heavy, sticky buds! ..

27.00€ Ex Tax: 22.31€

AK Automatic Feminised Seeds

AK Automatic produces very compact plants resembling small Christmas trees They have very short int..

From 16.90€ Ex Tax: From 13.97€

AK Skunk AUTO Feminised Seeds

This reinforced autofowering variety of the original AK-47 strain is ideal for fast commercial growi..

From 21.00€ Ex Tax: From 17.36€

AK-107 Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

An automatic version of the AK-107. Created by crossing the AK with an elite clone, then with a uniq..

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AK-48 AUTO Feminised Seeds - 5 Out Of Stock

AK-48 AUTO Feminised Seeds - 5

Definitely the strongest and highest THC rating of the autoflowering types AK-48 is the big gun of t..

45.00€ Ex Tax: 37.19€

AK-49 AUTO Feminised Seeds

The AK-49 Auto is the Vision Seeds auto-flowering variant of one of the most powerful strains ever. ..

17.50€ Ex Tax: 14.46€

AK27 Express AUTO Feminised Seeds

Since the mid- 1990s AK genetics have been in demand by a large number of breeding projects. It's a ..

8.23€ Ex Tax: 6.80€